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Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit full papers in English or Chinese. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1: Education
Educational history
Educational Principle
Teaching theory
The principle of moral education
Education Sociology
Education Psychology
Education Economics
Education statistics
Education Management
Comparative Education
Education technology
Military Education
Pre-school Education
General pedagogy
Higher Education
Adult Education
Vocational and Technical Education
Special Education
Other subjects of education

Topic 2: Management Science
History of Management Thought
Management Theory
Managerial Psychology
Management Metrology
Management Economics
Department Economic Management
Regional Economic Management
Science and Technology Management
Enterprise Management
Public Management
Management Engineering
Human Resource Development and Management
Sustainable Development Management
Other Disciplines of Management

Topics 3: Economics
Political Economy
Comparative Economics
Economic Geography
Development Economics
Productivity Economics
History of Economic Thoughts
Economic History
World Economics
National Economics
Management Economics
Quantitative Economics
Technical Economics
Ecological Economics
Labor Economics
Urban Economics
Resource Economics
Environmental Economics
Sustainable development Economics
Logistics Economics
Industrial Economics
Rural Economics
Agricultural Economics
Transportation Economics
Architectural Economics
Business Economics
Price Theory
Economics of Tourism
Information Economics
Public Finance Program
Defense Economics
Other disciplines of Economics

Topic 4: Literature
Literary Theory
Aesthetics of Literature and Art
Literary Criticism
Comparative Literature
Ancient Chinese Literature
Modern Chinese Literary
Contemporary Chinese Literary
Studies in Chinese Literary Genres
Chinese Folk Literature
Chinese Children's Literature
Chinese Minority Literature
History of World Literature
Oriental Literature
Russian Literature
English Literature
French Literature
German Literature
Italian Literature
American Literature
The Nordic Literature
Eastern European Literature
Latin American Literature
African Literature
Oceanian Literature
Other subjects of Literature

Topic 5: Art
Art Aesthetics
Psychology of Art
Radio and Television Art
Arts and Crafts
Other Subjects of Art

Topic 6: Archaeology
Archaeological Theory
History of Archaeology
Archaeological Techniques
Chinese Archaeology
Foreign Archaeological
Specialized Archaeology
Other Disciplines of Archaeology

Topic 7: Historiography
History of Historiography
History Theory
Historical Philology
General History of China
Ancient Chinese History
Modern and Contemporary Chinese History
History of the World
Asian History
African History
History of the Americas
European History
Australia, Oceania History
Specialized History
Other Disciplines in History

Topic 8: Psychology
History of Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Personality Psychology
Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Psychological Measurement
Psychological Statistics
Physiological Psychology
Industrial Psychology
Managerial Psychology
Applied Psychology
Education Psychology
Psychology of Legality
Other Subjects of Psychology

Topic 9: Law
Theoretical Jurisprudence
Legal History
Department of Law
International Law
Other Disciplines of Law

Topic 10: Sport Science
Sports History
Sports Theory
Sports Biomechanics
Exercise Physiology
Sports Psychology
Sports Biochemistry
Physical Education
Kinematic Training
Physical Education
The Theory and Method of Wushu
Sports Management
Sports Economics
Other Disciplines in Sports Science

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Submission Deadline:
February 15, 2019

Notification Day:
About 3-7 days days after submission

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February 21, 2019

Conference Date
Feburary 27-28, 2019


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